Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Day 233 of 365

Pet work
Stuart Sheep loaded into the trailer to go off to be shorn.
A very kind friend has offered to shear her and Paddington as our usual arrangement hasn't worked out.
It's getting way too hot to be wearing so much wool.
(Rachel, I thought of you and your knitting adventures when I took this photo!)
See you tomorrow,


  1. Raewyn I love this picture - looking forward to seeing Stuart's new haircut. Will you card & spin the wool or ?

    1. Thank you!! I would love to say that I 'process' the wool but have never
      learnt how and just wouldn't have the time. I always intend to send the
      wool to someone to get it carded and spun but have only done this
      Sorry, I cant get your email address to work for me!!

  2. Thank you Raewyn. Say hello to Stuart for me and tell him I'd love to have "hair" like him (but not in blond of course ! ;-) ).
    Great picture.

  3. I gosh what a great picture of a great sheep!


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