Thursday, October 9, 2014

Day 281 of 365

Moon watching.
9.20 pm
Eclipse starting; about 10.30 pm
The eclipse continues; about 11pm
The Blood Moon; about 11.30 pm.
Apparently the Blood Moon shows for about an hour. I couldn't get any better photos as a breeze got up and kept blowing clouds across the face of the moon. And it was bed-time.
But an entertaining night!
See you tomorrow,


  1. I'm so miffed with myself stayed up till 10.30pm but really cloudy so thought oh we won;t see it but local friends stayed up and got a good look. Must of been wonderful

  2. Wow! Lucky you! It was too early here for us to be up.

  3. Great pictures, Raewyn! It was too early for me but DH went outside to look for it but it was too cloudy.

  4. Fabulous photos, I forgot to go outside and look, so thanks for sharing!!

  5. You did get some good pictures ! Isn't it beautiful

  6. We watched it likewise!! I didn't take photos, but so enjoyable! Ours occurred at about 5:20 a.m. so it was at about our wake up time!

  7. So neat! You did a fabulous job photography it too!


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