Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Day 15 of 365

Farm work
We have a few paddocks across the road - getting to this one involves walking along the road rather than crossing straight over; usually we graze them in the weekends when there is less traffic.
See you tomorrow!


  1. Cars ar moving around the sign, or you take it with you allong the way?

    1. Hi Marga, Usually we have a sign at either side of where the cows will be crossing to warn traffic. Today I was following the cows along the road and could see and warn traffic. We put the sign at the corner because as I followed the cows around the corner I would be out of sight. Any traffic would see it and be warned.
      Luckily we don't get too much traffic but do have a lot of logging trucks that like to travel fast!
      Hope that makes sense!!??
      It was proabably confusing to take the photo like that but I thought it made a good shot!!

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  3. Raewyn, do you know on the day or the day before what kind of picture you are going to take? The question is do you take your camera all the day with you now, because of the 365 days or not?

  4. Beautiful!
    Is that your "metal" road?


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