Monday, May 6, 2013

Day 368 -369 - 370 - 371 of 365 - and signing off.

Day 368 - TEXAS - here I come...!
Where real cowboys live
Day 369 - 
Milking time - but not as I know it!!
Day 370
Mountain climbing on horseback.
Day 371
Kidding time in Texas.
OK!!! I've done it - I've mangaed 365 days of photographs - and a few more (yes, I am a sucker for punishment!). I am at an airport on my way back home so I think it is a fitting time to sign off this blog.
Thank you so much for playing along with me. I have thoroughly enjoyed this experience and treasure the friendships that have come from it, including those of Sharon and Doniene whom I have been lucky to spend time with recently. I have enjoyed all your comments, questions and feedback.
Take care, y'awl.
Thank you again.


  1. I'm humbled that you chose "us" to be your last photos! Words can't express how much I treasure the time we spent together!


  2. Have a safe journey home. And well done doing 365 day blog whoop whoop

  3. Looking forward to catching up.....Maybe at the weekend!!!
    Hugs xxxxx

  4. Great old boots! Looks like you did have time to ride a horse. Look forward to a sewing bee this weekend!.......hopefully you can make it too!

  5. Thank you Raewyn thank you for that you shared your journey with us. I love to see your pictures of your visit at Doniene's place.

  6. It has been so lovely seeing your year. This last post is wonderful - lucky you!!! Can't wait to hear all about it.

  7. a big THANK you to you for letting us be part of that journey.
    I loved it very much.

    Warm regards,


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