Saturday, June 8, 2013

Farm photos

....interrupting the June series....
(Day 6 is the post prior to this!)

I had my camera with me when we took the cows 'out the back' the other day.
This is an area of land bordered by river and bush and quite inaccessible except via the track we use. It was cleared inadvertedly years ago by a fire that got out of control, and has been 'attached' to the main farm ever since.
Doniene and Mike, and anyone else, I thought you may be interested to see them :-)
The 90 cows we were able to keep milking during the drought are about to start their annual 3 km walk...
(The rest of the herd are grazing on other properties around the place).

....Crossing the road....
Weekends are a good time to put the herd across the road as there is little traffic.

..starting the trek up the first hill...
These paddocks are grazed during the milking season as they are relatively close to the cowshed.

No fences needed on the track as the bush is quite dense on both sides.
(The track can get quite muddy at times - click here!)
Ahh here at last. We need a feed after all that exercise!
Same mob of cows - looking the opposite way, and showing the lay of the land.

Then it was off to shift the calves. They are pretty happy too.
The calves are about 9-10 months old now.
Looking from the centre track back down at the calves.
The centre track is like a spine with the paddocks falling away down to the river/bush on the sides and the bottom.

No power out there so we use petrol to run the waterpump and have solar panels to run the electric fencing system.
This dam is one of 3. During the drought the main dam got a bit low so we switched to this one, and haven't changed back yet.
(Previous photo was taken from the top right of this picture, looking down over this dam.)
 Thanks for reading along :-) Congratulations to you non-farmy people who got to the end.
I'll be back with Day 7 tomorrow!


  1. Love your pictures and the story that goes with. Thanks for sharing with city people as I am.

  2. Awesome photos!!! Thanks for the tour - now to come see it in person!! Hopefully someday!

  3. Thanks for the tour loved it.

    warm regards,

  4. Thanks - thoroughly enjoyed your farm tour.

  5. Thanks for the information on the GF book. It is good to see you have plenty of grass.


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