Thursday, February 6, 2014

Day 37 of 365

A Pig Tale
Cant have one picture without the others.....
Out at the runoff we have finally lured Ralph into a trap (using a trail of maize and corn cobs).
See Day 14 *here*.
After a 3 kilometre trip along the (burnt) track he arrives at his new home.

"Meet your new friends...when we think you are ready, we'll let you out into the paddock."
By the way, we have discovered that Ralph is actually Ralphee, or Ralphette, or Ralpha!
(Whatever the female version of Ralph is!!!)
We have become quite attached to this little pig who lived with the cattle, however we have a lot of hunters come through as pigs do a lot of damage. We decided to give this little one a second chance - and a life of luxury in our orchard.
See you tomorrow,


  1. How about Ralpheena!!! What an adventure for the little girl!! I'm sure she'll tame right down!!

  2. Little pigs are really quite cute... I love the dog supervising things

  3. Thank you for these pictures. Like to see how you live. and the pig is lucky. Love that curious sheep

  4. Such a lovely story with great pictures (thank you for sharing).
    As for Ralph....., lucky girl she found you (or you found her).

  5. How is she doing so far?

    Warm regards,


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