Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Day 162 of 365

This morning was calm and fine. The water came well up over night but by daybreak the paddocks were mostly drained.
It was actually quite a 'clean' flood - not too much rubbish and debris but this floating - and now stuck -  tree has wrecked the fences in this area. This is where I usually walk down to the bridge most days. 
Looking right from the previous photo. You can just see the TOPS of the willows that line the riverbank, well under water! We cant get over to check yet but think it went into the pumpshed - the grey shed you can see in the distance.
We did take the pump out in case it did get that high. Water in the pump is not a good idea!
See you tomorrow,


  1. That is a lot of rain. So pleased it has stayed away from your home.And not done too much damage.
    It is really interesting to see the comparison photos in your last post to show the water levels.

  2. So quick that the water is rising, are you just too this kind of raining days?

    Kind regards,


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