Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Day 251 of 365

Walking our two new bulls to their paddock; they'd just been delivered.
Lots 16 and 31 from the Bull Sale. Nice looking fellows, DH chose well.
See you tomorrow,


  1. I hope all the girls are suitably impressed!!

  2. It's funny how different shots seem to portray different things - they look quite young in the first photo, but then I see how big they actually are in the second. Nice bulls - do they seem to have a good temperament? One thing I don't like about farming is dealing with bulls - I prefer to leave it up to the guys if I can!

    1. Sorry, you show up as no-reply so I hope you get this reply! These chaps are one year olds. We get our Angus bulls from the same supplier every year as his stock are so quiet and well behaved. While I still respect them they are really good to handle!

    2. They're looking pretty good for one year olds! :)

  3. My dad would buy us a bull every couple of years when I was young, and I hated the blasted things. They always scared me, and I was not sad to see butchering season come. Awful, I know!

  4. Looks like a good match for the ladies! A little sunshine and some green grass!

  5. Wow bulls. I didn't grow up at a farm. But I guess they are very impressive to me......


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