Tuesday, December 1, 2015

November 30th

She's forgiven me for taking her to the vets today and is happy to help with the sewing... :-)
See you next time,


  1. They are great company aren't they. Mine is usually with me in the garden quite often between me and the weeds I am trying to remove.

  2. Raewyn,
    So sweet, I lost my kitty this year and miss her so. Isn't it funny how they love to get close to our work?
    Thanks so much for popping in and I have to tell you! I was pondering a thought for a blog like this one. And you so inspired me to do it. today is the day...Thank you!
    hugs, susie

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  4. Beautiful photo Raewyn....so nice to have been forgiven!!!! But wonderful to have near you "helping"!!

  5. It looks like the outing to the vet wore her out.

  6. She seems pretty contented!! But...how much work did you really get done? LOL!!!!


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