Friday, March 13, 2020

Day 72 of 2020

The last milking of the season for a handful of younger cows - ones that need a bit longer rest as they are starting to lose condition.
Last milking means a range of treatments - 'Dry Cow Therapy' (a long acting antibiotic into each teat if they've tested as needing it), or Teat Seal to keep the bugs out of their udder, plus a drench, and a Copper 'bullet'. (Northland is naturally short in Copper so the stock need one of these regularly.)
Then it's off for 5 months holiday (for them)!

See you tomorrow,


  1. Good to learn what is actually needed to be done on a dairy farm..

  2. Don't you wish it was a 5 month holiday for you, too?

  3. Shame it is not a 5 month holiday for you and the MOYL, I guess not having to milk twice a day kind of is in a way.


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