Friday, June 21, 2024

Day 173 of 2024

This photo signifies the day that the entire Northland region lost its power due to a transmission tower toppling over south of the region. I've never regretted upgrading our fireplace to one with a cast iron cooktop.
With the generator, fireplace and (nearly out of gas!) BBQ we were comfortable until the power came on about 7pm.
Because it's a temporary fix Northpower didn't turn the hot water on.
Again thankful the fireplace also has a wetback for hot water in the winter.

See you tomorrow,


  1. Yes we used to have that at the orchard but not now. So we had to buy a portable little hotplate (with gas bottle ). I have the same casserole its lovely and large! We also put in double glazing when we moved here. ( I loved the wood stove but don't miss the mess and firewood stacking etc Almost essential on a farm I think . )

  2. love being able to be flexible when there is no power...............

  3. So good you can be self sufficient when the need arises. I miss not having a fire, but not so much the wood gathering.


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