Thursday, April 11, 2013

Day 345 of 365

'Mustering' one calf out of the bush today. He knew the area better than us and wouldn't be herded out... we had to cut the fence and hope he comes out by himself soon!
Ponga in the bush.
The decorative trees seen here.
The Ponga is also known as the Silver Fern - which, along with the Kiwi, has become a
symbol of New Zealand.
Underside of the leaves.
Young Tanekaha...I love their bark at this time of the year.
You may, or may not, have noticed that I had a mishap with my numbering... way back in December I skipped ahead 10 days at once. When I announced only 20 days to go 10 days ago, I was wrong!!!
Today there now only 20 days to go!!!
See you tomorrow,


  1. Awesome photos!! Your vegetation is so interesting! What is the elevation of your farm? So very excited to meet you!! Safe travels!!


  2. I did not count it so you could fool me with it.
    Nice to see the trees glose buy.

    Warm regards,


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