Saturday, April 20, 2013

Day 354 - 355 of 365

You will notice a change in my photos - no longer going for the arty shot!!
A glimpse of my holiday!
Have heard a lot about this place - now I can say I have been there!!
Nashville Symphony Orchestra.
Was actually a really fun night and the Symphony Centre was absolutely beautiful.
See you tomorrow,


  1. So glad you made it!!! Wal-Mart and the Symphony!!! My pick would be the symphony!!!

  2. So was walmart what you thought? The symphony looks soo stunning.

  3. So how was walmart?
    Wow what an amazing building for the symphony, I hope you liked it, it is nice to listen & 'see' different music. We have rain here Raewyn, your farm & hubby will be happy.

  4. Have fun Raewyn, I love to see the pictures of your holiday.

  5. You didn't like the Walmart that much I think.........3 little bags that is really much.
    But you can say that you have been there.
    What a building it is buy the Symphony.
    You really are having FUN.

    Warm regards,


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