Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Day 21 of 365

Ok so I am breaking all the rules here and showing way more than 1 photo. I got brave and went for a walkabout to inspect the result of Sunday's fire.
After a neighbour's burnoff went wrong.
{Approx. 300 acres burnt, but a lot that also wasn't :-)}
Across the road from the main dairyfarm, on the way out to our runoff.
On the left you can see the where Daryl (and team) were able to stop the fire from heading further down. That would have gone to Department of Conservation land. Instead it jumped to the right and headed towards pine forests. Thankfully it veered again and missed the forestry.
(At that point the flames were 3 stories high and the helicopters couldn't get near them).
You can see how much land was under threat.

Can you believe it jumped the beehives?!

So pleased a lot of the deep gulleys were left, including this one full of Kauri.
Hey Ganma, it looks different!
Some areas unscathed 
As was this chap.
See you tomorrow,


  1. It obviously could have been a lot worse. It is quite amazing how the beehives have been left while it was burned all around them - as though they have a magic spell or emitted something to keep the flames away. Hopefully too many bees weren't killed while out foraging.

  2. Amazing Raewyn, I'm wondering why and how the beehives didn't burn. It keeps me thinking.

  3. Wow , amazing photos , it is so great it jumped the hives but there is so much devastation , so sad to see .

  4. Oh my gosh! Amazing photos and I can't believe the way it jumped the bee hives! I hope not too many animals were trapped in the fire and thank goodness you were safe. Thank you for the link about the Kauri, I wasn't sure what it was until I went to the link.

  5. Amazing pictures, Raewyn. I am also amazed that the hives survived. It is similar to what tornadoes can do here, demolish one house and then hop right over the next. It is good to see all the green left in picture #2. I'm so glad you and your family and animals are ok.

  6. Great photos!! Thanks for the tour! Good to see that it wasn't total devastation. Very interesting about the bee hives!

    Blessings and hugs!

  7. So sorry to see such devastation...but so glad it wasn't worse...

  8. It is always a shock to see burnt out bushland when you are used to seeing it lovely and lush. So glad the bees were safe as we need every little one of them. Thanks for sharing the photos.

  9. Terrible pictures. We don't realise how easy it is to loose everything.

  10. I find it unbelieveble that it jumped the beehives. I still can't believe it.


  11. Very sad pictures but incredible the fire jumped the bee hives.


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