Saturday, February 22, 2014

Days 51 and 52 of 365

Me and my boy. Obviously I didn't take this photo.
 Two poignant photos for me; Out to dinner with our son and friends. Half hour after this photo I had to say goodbye to him - don't know when we will see him again.
Second photo is of Dad's camera which Mum gave me a little while ago. My little one was playing up (actually I discovered it was only flat batteries making it do silly things!)..... Typical Dad, about 4 sets of rechargeable batteries, lots of memory cards, telephone numbers on the instruction book and everything packed very methodically away in cases and a bag.
First challenge - how to turn it on!
See you tomorrow,


  1. You look far too young to have a son that age!!

  2. Lovely photo! That is so nice that you can use your Dad's camera.

  3. lovely pic of you and your son.... I find it very hard saying bye with not knowing when the next hug is.... technology does make it easier... have fun getting to know the new fancy camera!!!

  4. He you are so looking good. you could be his sister :-)
    Nice picture of you and your son.

  5. What a handsome lad!!! He looks a bit like his mum!!

  6. Good luck (mostly it is the "on" button) and sad that your boy is back to his house again.



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