Thursday, April 3, 2014

Day 93 of 365

Making room in the garden for yesterday's new rose bush!
No, the new plant isn't that big, but one thing leads to another...!
See you tomorrow,


  1. So funny, it is easy to become distracted in the garden!

  2. Exactly - yesterday I went outside to spread some lawn mowings and a couple of hours later finally came inside after edging the lawn and weeding. I loose all idea of time when in the garden and find it so relaxing.

  3. Hey Raewyn that is a lot of pruning and I konw the new rose will look great in your garden!! P.S saw the rose and love it-:)

  4. LOL, truer words where never spoken. The things we do for our roses.
    blessings, jill

  5. Distracted not only in the garden. Good work !

  6. Oh, distraction! I'm sure your garden looks lovely now and the rose will be very happy there.


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