Thursday, December 11, 2014

Day 343 of 365

It's always sad to see a fallen bird's nest... but alos fun to see what it is made of...sheep's wool, cow's hair, moss, seed head.....
... and even a red thread!!
I know some people scatter some of their sewing room scraps out for the birds but I never think of it!
See you tomorrow,


  1. You must have had some threads hanging on your clothes that fell off outside. (Don't we all? LOL ) The bird swooped at the chance for a bit of color in her nest !

  2. yes I put my scraps in the compost bin it is fun seeing the birds sneak off with them

  3. how sweet... never thought of birds picking up the sewing scraps... wook makes sense it is so soft.... pretty eggs.. any idea what bird?

  4. I guess they can only use what's available. I recently saw somewhere the idea to put scraps of thread, yarn and such in a suet cake holder for the birds. I think I'll try it when our spring rolls around again.

  5. Oh that is sad for the birds......when I brush the dog (a ChowChow) I always put his hair outside and the birds take it away for nests...would be lovely and soft, bit like sheep's wool I suppose!

  6. What kind of bird eggs! I too love seeing the "ingredients" for a birds nest!


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