Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Day 365 of 365!!

I made it!!
I intended to finish with a stunning photo but my day flew by far too quickly and this simple one is what I have.
However I do think it's a pretty wee photo :-)
Here I am on the last day of the year with my last photo for this year's challenge!!
Thank you for your company throughout the year. Once again I have enjoyed it but am looking forward to a little break from the daily post and the challenge to produce a photo every day!
Just as I've enjoyed learning about you and your country through your blogs, I hope you have enjoyed the little insight into my kiwi farming life.
I intend to carry on with posting photos - but not every day. Just as the urge happens.
Happy New Year everyone!
I won't...
...see you tomorrow!


  1. I think this is a great photo finish. Well done sticking with it for every day. I have enjoyed following your journey.

  2. Congrats, Raewyn!! I've loved seeing your life through your lens! :)

  3. Happy New Year! and congratulations! You made it. I enjoyed to watch your part of your world. Thank you for your pictures every day again!

  4. Congratulations on the year! I have really enjoyed seeing your photos. All the best for the New Year!

  5. You deserve a break! I've loved learning about your life from your photos. I'd considered doing a 365 challenge, but my life is far too boring. See you in the New Year!!

  6. It's a lovely photo! Congratulations on completing the whole year. Thanks for agreeing to join me on my 365 day journey. I so enjoyed the glimpse into your life and country. I look forward to following along on your Lovetostitch and the occasional farm picture here in the future. Happy New Year!

  7. I wasn't with you for the entire year but what time I have spent popping in to your blog has been beautiful. Well done because a photo a day is a mission. I was thinking of weekly, once a week sharing photos of what caught my eye.

  8. Congratulations!! I too, wasn't here for the entire time. But the photos I did see were lovely, well done for completing the challenge again! :)

  9. Congratulations on finishing off your 365 day year of photos. Although only coming in part way through the year I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing your photos, your farm, you way of life in NZ. I will look forward to seeing more photos when the inspiration beckons.

  10. I know we'll be in touch! Happy, happy, happy New Year!!

  11. By the Way - loved the flower photo!!!

  12. Loved all the photos ..... good to see a bit of Kiwi life!


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