Saturday, May 9, 2020

Day 128 of 2020

Buying in feed is becoming increasingly difficult (and pricey) as there are still so many areas experiencing drought conditions. We've had to buy in some maize silage (as opposed to grass silage), which is fed with straw. Today was the first day of feeding it and the cows weren't too fussed on it - apparently they will become used to the different taste and will get hooked.
The MOML fed out for tomorrow and the chooks had no hesitancy in getting stuck into the maize!
As you can see, after the recent rain, we're starting to grow some grass. We've just about had enough rain to declare we're 'out of drought'!!
As you can see, some were eating it, most went for the grass first! They did get hungry as the day wore on and picked through the new maize/straw combo!

See you tomorrow,


  1. I hope you get good grass soon Raewyn, the chooks seem happy with the maize, bonus food! Hope the cows do ok.

  2. Hope it rains enough soon to green up all your paddocks..
    Guess the cows will eat the maize/straw if they get hungry enough.
    The chooks aren't that fussy...

  3. Good to get the rain but I suppose you will need the warmth too, to get the good growth.
    Last month we were told we have had more rain already this year than all of last year. I hope that means a good season for our farmers.

  4. "drought" looks different in different places......
    Omg the feed.....


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