Saturday, May 9, 2020

Day 129 of 2020

A quick walk before breakfast turned into a longer walk before breakfast as I spied a Fernbird looking for its breakfast.
They're a little non-descript to look at but as their population is declining I'm happy to see them about. The rat and stoat trapping in the reserve is working as numbers here seem to be growing.
They are not good fliers apparently so are ground dwellers rather than tree dwellers, it seems, so that would be why they are so vulnerable.
I also saw one very briefly on yesterday's walk which was on the bush track on the other side of the farm. I saw that one briefly and then only saw the ferns moving as it flitted around in the undergrowth chirping. They have the most boring chirp ever - but that is very distinctive in itself!
Here's a link, with sound clips to the right of the page.

See you tomorrow,


  1. Great. I'd love to see one.( maybe I think they are sparrows? Bigger or smaller? )

  2. They make an interesting sound Raewyn. Good to hear they are coming to live on your farm.

  3. Always great to see little birds that are declining...

  4. There must be good numbers if you are seeing them easily. That is good news.


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