Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Day 237 of 2020

I decided it was high time the 'baby chickens' came out of Fort Knox and got into the real world. Growing too big to be caged up. So I put together a cage in the hen yard to start the transition.
What has slowed this process down has been the continual rain. Sure enough, although the day started off well, heavy rain was forecast. I thought a thatched roof might work well to protect them, since they haven't been out in the big wide world before.
Great idea, they were very cosy!

See you tomorrow,


  1. Shame about the weather, you must be having what we had last week! Hopefully the chooks can all get used to each other and mix soon. Thatched roof is a great idea.

  2. It is surprising to see how quickly they have grown. This looks like a great set up to transition to the big space.

  3. They do look cosy..
    I didn't realise it took so much to introduce new chickens to the rest.


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