Monday, June 9, 2014

Day 160 of 365

Driving home from town, I had to be the Mad Lady stopping to take photos of all the seagulls having their afternoon meal in the Showgrounds land. It's been raining and I think all the worms were trying to enjoy a bit of fresh air.
Not for long.
See you tomorrow,


  1. Good for you for being the "mad lady"!! I've done it a time or two before...and need to do it more! :)

  2. You are in very good company with the 'mad lady' thing;-) Lots of us around.
    blessings, jill

  3. Another mad lady here - lovely photo. Looks like a drinking fountain on full blast at the left of the building? I don't actually recognise the building.

    1. Hi Susan, the building is the toilet block (!) on the top field at Barge Showgrounds, Maunu. To the right is SH14. That is a bird which you mistook for a drinking fountain!

  4. Great photo and I laughed at your 'mad lady' comment and all the above! We are all in good company. Then I was going to say what a nice building, but thought twice when I read it is a toilet block.

  5. Glad there were comments and answers! I was wondering about the "shooting water"!!

    What fun birds! Do you ever get them at home?


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