Friday, August 1, 2014

Day 212 of 365

We took the oldest 20 calves down to another shed - Look at them run!!
A bit of photo cropping gives another effect.
See you tomorrow


  1. Great photos - lovely to see them running about and the second photo where they look so serene in the shafts of sun.

  2. Reminds me of a bunch of teenagers home alone! Too cute!

  3. Lovely photos they must bring big smiles to your face even tho I know they are a lot of work for you.

  4. Thes pictures makes me smile too. And that one with the light, stunning picture Raewyn

  5. Oh my gosh I love the calf shot -- it make smile to see them jumping and running -- always a joyous moment. Thank for sharing Raewyn.

  6. Anything baby is gorgeous!! I am in love with the calves tho. Lovely photos Raewyn.


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