Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Day 224 of 365

How can you tell when Miss Piggy has just got out of bed?
She still has her bedding draped over her!!
(We have decided that she is not a morning pig. 9.30am and she was just getting up!!)
You can also see the mess she is making of the orchard, digging it up with her snout, the ring isn't stopping much!
See you tomorrow,


  1. She must be getting plenty to eat as she seems to be growing at a vast rate.

  2. LOL! I can relate to Miss Piggy and so wish I could be the one getting out of bed at 9:30 am. It sounds *so* much more comforting than 5:30 am. ;)

  3. We have wild pigs that love to come dig up all the grass in our neighborhood. Our lot is mostly wild so it hasn't been a problem for us. Some up the neighbors have put up fences costing well over $30,000 trying to keep them out of their grass.

  4. A picture of miss piggy makes me always smile. She looks so funny and smart. She is an early bird for sure.

  5. You have pigs too! Your farm must be amazing, it looks so beautiful. Good on Miss Piggy for getting up mid morning, no need to rush is there? She has lovely long legs!! You should put a tutu on her, make a great photo.


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