Monday, August 18, 2014

Day 228 of 365

At the neighbour's where I have one mob of calves, this handsome fellow waits for my arrival so that I can throw him a bit of lumpy milk. He's a fast learner.
See you tomorrow,


  1. Looks like a funny friend you have there.

  2. Aww! He looks exactly like our Rhode Island Reds that we use to have. I so miss hearing them crow....:(

  3. Beautiful colours (an inspiration for dyeing for me!).

  4. Looks like a fine fellow I used to know, a cross between a Rhode Island Red hen and a Buff Orpington rooster, then another cross involving a Black Minorca hen...that was an very interesting chicken yard we had when I was a kid. I do like chooks!

    Discovered your delightful project while visiting Sue and admiring her flock. Shall return tomorrow!

  5. Now that is one "cheeky" fellow! Rather handsome though!


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