Saturday, January 11, 2020

Day 11 0f 2020

Gumdiggers Park
We had a really interesting time here today seeing how the gumdiggers lived and worked digging for kauri gum in very tough conditions, about 100 years ago.
This kauri log was a tree aged about 1 000 years old when it (and the forest it was in) was toppled (volcanic eruption) about 120 000 years ago. Over the years another forest grew in the same area, above this one, which was also destroyed in another major event (probably a tsunami).
Quite mind boggling really!

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  1. Always amazes me how huge these trees were and how big, logical I suppose,they have to be old to be so big!!! Stunning trees. There was quite an industry for Kari gum digging wasn't there.


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